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 Pistol Range Update 8/8/2014

  • Our 25 yard Pistol Range is currently under construction
  • Excavation is COMPLETE - See Firing Range Construction Pictures above
  • Berm Construction is COMPLETE - See Firing Range Construction Pictures above
  • Retaining Wing Wall Construction is COMPLETE
  • Retaining Wing Walls, Fencing, Signage, and Edgecombe County Inspection is required before Range will be Operational.

Instructor Certifications 

  • Joseph Jordan has completed the NC Justice Academy Course "Laws Governing Concealed Handgun and Use of Deadly Force" and completed the "NRA Basic Pistol Instructors Course".
  • Joseph has received his "NRA Instructors Certification" and his "NC Concealed Handgun Instructor's License".
  • Robert Adcox has achieved his NRA Range Safety Officer Certification

NC Concealed Carry Class Availability

  • NC Concealed Handgun Training Classes are currently being offered on Saturdays
  • Classes are being held in our COMPLETED ONSITE TRAINING CENTER and Temporary Qualification Range.

Training Center Construction is COMPLETE






    Please, check back on this link.  We will keep you updated on the status of the Pistol Range and Training Center